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DX-24 - 24 channel digital mixer
Main Feature

ALESIS DX-24 is a Double Sampling Bluetooth playback Digital mixer (48kHz and 96KHz). It comes with 14 channels, 31-way graphic equalizer with 4-way independent input channel full parametric equalizer, which has 24 independent microphone input channels and eight auxiliary outputs and 4 group sets output with one set master stereo output channel output. Digital mixer has dual effects Built-in DSP, noise gate, compressor, delay, etc., functions. Various settings can be stored and uploaded. The most shinning feature is its precise sounds reproduction ability and ultra-high sound-noise ratio.

Technical Parameters
Mono output(maximum output level)+22dBu
1-8 Auxiliary Output(maximum output level)+18dBu
1-4 output Subgroups(maximum output level)+18 dBu
Tape output(maximum output level)+14dBu
Control room output(maximum output level)+18dBu
System Crosstalk(input to output (+4 dBu1KHz))-83dBu
System Crosstalk(Adjacent channel (+4 dBu1KHz))-82dBu
System Crosstalk(Noise (Bus noise))-85dBu
Digital Audio(ADC Dynamic Range / DAC 114dB dynamic range)114dB
Digital Audio(Internal processor)32-bit, floating point
Digital Audio(ADC, DAC bit depth 24bit)24 bit
Impedance (Microphone input)1.4KΩ
Impedance(Channel insert return)2.5KΩ
Impedance(All other inputs)10KΩor greater
Impedance(Tape input)1KΩ
Impedance(All other outputs)120Ω
Impedance(Recommend operating temperature range)0 ~ 40'C
Impedance(Storage temperature range)-20~60′C
Noise Gate(Threshold range)-84dBu-0dB
Noise Gate(Start time)0.5mS~200mS
Noise Gate(Release time)5mS ~ 1S
Cpmpressor(Threshold range)-30dBu-+20 dB
Compressor(Start-up time)10mS ~ 150mS
Cpmpressor(Ratio / gain)1:1 to24: 1/0dBu- +24 dB
EQ(Low Frequency)21KHz - 19.2KHz + /-24dB
EQ(Medium-Low frequency)21KHz - 19.2KHz + /-24dB
EQ(Medium-High frequency)21KHz - 19.2KHz + /-24dB
EQ(High frequency)21KHz - 19.2KHz
ICP备案号: 粤ICP备 330022312-1号